Saturday, July 26, 2008

A Penny Saved is a Penny Earned.

When you get paid once a month, things get tight on the last weekend of the month. Whatever is left in your bank account is in danger of being blown on errands and festivities, and there are four long workdays ahead.

But after almost four years, I'm getting much better at handling it. Granted this fall will require some serious belt tightening if I'm going to do any out-of-town vacationing again next year. (Which I really missed in the last few years - cool vacations and visiting family are fun things to have in ones life.)

So I've been making a serious effort to save money, or even just take advantage of the kinds of things that most adults take advantage of, like coupons.

CVS has been the easiest and is serving as my training grounds for savings.

For example, today with the help of one online coupon, several register coupons, and strategic choices of items, I saved $17.80. Which made my total expenses before tax, $17.83. Yes, that's right, I saved 50% on things I both wanted and needed!

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