Sunday, July 6, 2008

Run for your life!

Usually if asked, I say "I run when chased." But today I had a lovely run out at Valley Forge and I may just have turned over a new leaf.

Back in the late 90s, during a very messy time in my family, I used to run all the time. I would leave my parents house and run a full speed until I was exhausted. Because they lived at the pinacle of several steep hills, I got into very good shape very quickly. Some of you may remember that time, I was about 50 pounds lighter.

But a weird knee injury that took several months to recover from and began a period of weight gain kept me from running for many, many years. I tried to run sometimes, but was always discouraged by the huge difference between the freedom with which I could run at 24 and the effort that it took in later years.

Tonight was quite different. Not easy, but I really feel great. I may just be able to try again in the next couple days and start this back up. Not because I want to lose a significant amount of weight (I love my clothes too much), but because I've noticed recently through my efforts to play tennis with Charles that my cardiovascular health may need some work!

There is something very free about strapping on your shoes and hitting the pavement. If I were to get some tunes, then all the better. Now if Maria is reading, don't get your hopes up... no marathons for me. But maybe I could get back to 5K shape.

Bonus would be some strength to feel like I could run away from an assailant. The city is getting me down. Look for a post titled "Crazy Man followed me Home" in the near future. It's becoming a regular thing.

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