Sunday, July 13, 2008

Why I HATE the City sometimes... A one-act play.

Setting: Perfectly nice Sunday afternoon after a nearly-magical weekend. Warm and Clear July day. Corner one block from my house.

On the stage: Two late-teen young men. No more than 20. Caucasian. Obviously barely lucid after some substance-related high. Dark, probing eyes, sunken into deep red pockets. Would-be handsome, except for the souless feeling they emit... and the sores.

Woman walks towards them, meets their gaze, and quickly changes course - despite the fact they are standing on a busy street-corner. She enters local store. Realizes its the middle of the day and decides to try walking by the two young men. Sees another man, an African American man, approaching the corner and decides to try to "hide" behind him as he walks by the pair.

Young Man 1: "Hey man, don't even look this way"

Young Man 2: "Yeah, it would be a shame if you ended up getting shot."

Normal Man looks at them over his shoulder, smirks, and keeps walking.

Young Man 1: (yelling) "Don't fucking LOOK at us! Yeah, we said it. What! What!"

Young Man 2: (also yelling now) "You will be dead in an hour dude, DEAD!"


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