Monday, July 28, 2008

Ennui - A Post for a Blah, Blah, Blah Monday

The middle-end of summer. You've been to the beach. You've had a glass or two of lemonade. You've sweated. And sweated. And sweated. You've watched a blockbuster or two. You've communed with nature. You've communed with friends. You've communed with yourself.

And now, all that's left is the ennui. Here's a very good description: L'ennui est un sujet de réflexion impossible ... il est omniprésent : on peut rêver de changer la vie, mais pas au point d'imaginer qu'elle soit un jour débarrassée de l'ennui. (Rough translation by moi: L'ennui [boredom/depression] is a subject of impossible reflection ...its omnipresent: one can dream of changing your life, but not to the point of imagining a time when you have banished the feeling)

I am truly bored right now - on a deep and cellular level (and I'm not talking about phones, friends). I LOVE my life, my job, my wonderful-and-handsome-boyfriend, my friends, my city, but I am bored.

Not that I need some terrible trauma... please Lord, no-more-drama... but something to awaken something fresh and new would be very nice. Perhaps this is why I move every year, to have something to focus on (it's been 14 months in my apartment, so maybe I'm just in need of a new one... see a few posts ago)

I might just have to get another part-time job, just to have something new to focus on. And so I can save some more money to go somewhere nifty. Because really, I have nothing to complain about in my wonderful life!

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