Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Wondrous Oblivion - Movie review

I had really high hopes for this movie. It's about a Jewish family in London in the 50s and the Jamaican family that moves next door. It's also about cricket.

The protagonist is a 13 year-old boy that seems very familiar. Think Brighton Beach Memoirs, but a tad younger. The idea of a boy who is not really British, not really Jewish, and not really German was very familiar. I've watched so many people straddle the divide between their immigrant parents and their adopted culture. It's difficult, its painful, and its confusing.

Add to it the race relations of the 50s and you have some very cringe-worthy scenes. I might even have squeaked out a tear or two. It could have happened.

It would be a good Saturday afternoon rental, if you had a bad cold or some light housework to do, but it did not leave me reeling into wondrous oblivion, it was too schmaltzy for that.

P.S.: I am dying to know more about cricket. What is this crazy game? Anyone? Chao, can you help?

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