Friday, July 4, 2008

A Sense of Independence...

Its no secret that I am not a great American. I don't like baseball. I prefer creme brulee to apple pie. I rant about all kinds of stuff all the time.

However, I do love the opportunity to relish in a certain sense of Independence. Freedom is a word that I hold very close to me. In all things I want to feel there is a choice involved. As if my whole life is a series of things that could be altered if they no longer serve. Within this feeling of independence and freedom is luxury. Luxury and privilege. And for that I am truly grateful.

So while I wish the calendar date for this celebration of freedom were a couple of months to either side... because I hate the humid, hot conditions that undoubtedly come along with this holiday... I know that any complaint is truly superfluous given the enormous luck I have had in my life up to this point. Why worry about the weather when you have an education, a job, wonderful friends, and the freedom to conduct yourself in just about any way you would like.

So Happy Independence Day to you all. May you all be able to choose the life you want.

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