Thursday, January 4, 2007

Best of 2006

I recently saw an intriguing Best of 2006 list on another blog, so here is mine.

Best meal of 2006:
Definitely my friends and my first trip to the Greco Roman restaurant in Norristown. We ordered family-style and ate tsatziki, dolmades, spanakopita, gigantic beans, horiatiki, and more. The owner was so sweet and cute and his wife's homemade dessert was super decadent - like a cross between a souffle and fudge.

Best purchase of 2006:
Karite lip balm from Whole Foods. It makes me happy several times a day.

Worst Addiction of 2006:
Iced Soy Chai.

Best Mind-Altering substance of 2006:
Morphine. I had no idea there was happiness like that on this planet. And I was NOT happy when the stupid nurses took it away from me.

Best quiet moments of 2006:
Sitting on the sofa watching In America while knitting.

Best party moments of 2006:
NYC in November. Lovely conversation, a bit of dancing, drinking games with top shelf scotch, and platonic cuddling with half the room before the end of the night.

Best movie of 2006:
Little Miss Sunshine, but Volver was REALLY close

Best book of 2006:
Age of Iron (okay published a million years ago, but I read it this year)

Biggest obsession of 2006:

Best song of 2006:
Either Shake that thing by Sean Paul or Smack that by Akon

Things I'm looking forward to in 2007:
- Sudanese Portrait Project and Exhibition
- Nas, Hip Hop is Dead (gonna buy the album soon)
- A trip somewhere! (suggestions? offers?)
- Building a new lifecycles piece in West Philadelphia
- Taking the GREs. (Anyone want to be my study partner?)

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