Thursday, February 15, 2007

Kids these days...

I'm coming up to one of my least favorite parts of my job: Video Interviewing.

Every year we torture the Junior Design students by making them do their first real interview on camera. Then we critique them, make them watch themselves, and sometimes force them to do it again.

If I were a more sadistic person, I would probably love doing this. Our students are often smug, disrespectful, completely self-absorbed, and sometimes downright mean. This process is a universally humbling experience, partially because low quality digital video is potentially the LEAST flattering medium on the planet.

But I REALLY don't enjoy it - not one bit. The young women come in nervous, wearing whatever clothes they can muster that somewhat closely approximates appropriate interview attire, and try their best not to vomit while we ask them a couple questions. I'm not sure it helps. In fact, I'm pretty sure it doesn't.

What I see are women that need an honest assessment of their communication skills in a low-stress environment. Many of them need a good job, a decent home, some good friends, and a couple years under their belt in the workforce before they will truly be comfortable in an interview. And all of them need major help with their writing. Ugh - the state of their writing is enough to keep me up at night, feeling I've failed each and every one of them!

So while we all struggle to figure out what to wear to work in the snow, how to appear confident when we're really dog-tired, or how to handle the difficult people in our daily lives, at least we aren't being video-taped!

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