Wednesday, February 7, 2007

The Real Interpreter of Maladies

After using the title of the book in an earlier post, I decided I should actually sit down and read Interpreter of Maladies.

For the most part, it's a lovely book. I like the way that Jhumpa Lahiri mixes the stories of recent Indian immigrants with descriptions of life in India.

She's obsessed with food and crumbs getting stuck in the corner of people's mouths. Seriously, it's an image that is used multiple times and in multiple stories. Just like Gabriel Garcia Marquez is obsessed with men's urine streams. I swear... I've never once in my life thought "Wow, that man's urine stream is strong as a colt," and yet Mr. Marquez has used the image in multiple books. (I'm reading Love in the Time of Cholera right now. Expect more on that later.)

I liked Ms. Lahiri's novel The Namesake better, although it stalls towards the end too.


craige said...

That was one of those books that I thought I remembered enjoying, but then couldn't remember if I'd actually read it or not. It's probably better than my feeble brain gives it credit for, though. And the movie based on The Namesake looks really good, so I do want to try to read that before seeing it.

Kathryn said...

I absolutely want to see the Namesake, but I can't get over thinking of Kal Penn as Kumar in Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle.

I still want to see it though. I actually think that it will present better as a film than as a book. The stagnation at the end shouldn't be as noticeable with all the character development in the beginning.